Conditions of Hire
Near Ashbourne

Conditions of Hire


1.        HIRING

1.1.       Hire charges include heating and lighting, use of water heater and crockery, although any breakages must be paid for.

1.2.       All hiring times must include the time which the hirer needs to clean the hall.

1.3.       All lettings are made at the discretion of the Committee, and their decision is final on all matters.

2.        THE HIRER MUST

2.1.       Obtain licences for the consumption of alcohol, if the Committee permit.

2.2.       Obtain necessary licences from the Performing Rights Society.

2.3.       Conform to all regulations stipulated by the Fire Authority and the Local Authority.

2.4.       Supervise the use of the hall in order to prevent damage to the hall or its contents.

2.5.       Regulate the behaviour of people using the hall so as to prevent nuisance to neighbours.

2.6.       Ensure that cars parked by people using the hall do not obstruct the highway, or neighbours’ access.

2.7.       Pay the Committee for the cost of repair of damage done to the hall or its contents as a result of the hiring.

2.8.       Leave the hall and its surroundings clean and tidy.

2.9.       Restore any of the contents which have been moved to their customary positions.

2.10.   Leave the hall locked and secure.

  • Check that everything in the kitchen is turned off.

  • Check that all electrical appliances are turned off and unplugged.

  • Check for smouldering fires or cigarettes left burning.

  • Put all rubbish in the kitchen waste bin.

  • Secure all outside doors and windows.

  • Close all internal doors.

  • Turn out all lights except for the delayed switch for outside lights, if required

  • Finally, lock the main door


3.1.       Sub‑let the hall.

3.2.       Use the hall for any unlawful purpose.

3.3.       Bring into the hall anything which may endanger it.

3.4.       Allow the consumption of alcohol in the hall without permission from the Committee.


4.1.       Reserve the right to cancel any hiring if the hall is required for use as a Polling Station in an election.

4.2.       Will not be liable for any consequential loss incurred by the hirer as a result of the hall being unfit for the use for which it was hired. Their liability will be limited to the refund of the hire charge.

5.        SAFETY & HYGIENE

5.1.       The hirer must ensure that people using the hall can leave safely in the event of a fire or other emergency. It it recommended that the number of people using the hall is limited to no more than 80 for a function at which people are seated and no more than 100 if there is no seating in use. If tables or the stage are in use, the hirer must apply an appropriate limit taking into account the degree of obstruction and restriction of exits.

5.2.       The hirer must ensure that those using the hall are aware of the exits to be used in emergency. These are the doors at each end of the main hall which must be unlocked and the door on the right of the toilet area which has an emergency push bar.

5.3.       For functions involving children, the hirer must ensure that there are sufficient adults to supervise the evacuation of the children in an emergency.

5.4.       For functions involving people with limited mobility, the hirer must ensure that there are sufficient able bodied helpers to supervise the evacuation of the people with limited mobility in an emergency.

5.5.       The attention of the hirer is drawn to the requirements of Health and Safety Acts regarding fire and food hygiene. Warning notices are posted in the hall and kitchen. Please read them.

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